Kindest Cut. High quality, low cost spay/neuter services for the pets of people in need.

About us

Kindest Cut, LLC believes that if more animals were sterilized, there would be far less animal homelessness.

Kindest Cut is a fully equipped mobile surgical unit, led by licensed Veterinarian Dr. Meghann Kruck, that will travel to various Minneapolis/St. Paul locations to offer high quality, low cost spay/neuter pet surgery. Services are directed to people of limited means and to animal rescue groups in need of these surgeries.

Kindest Cut is in partnership with the Animal Humane Society whose generous donors have funded this effort, realizing the importance of preventing unwanted pet litters. Every day, 70,000 puppies and kittens are born in the United States. More than 60% of them are unwanted and will be abandoned, oftentimes brought to a shelter or rescue organization. Kindest Cut and Animal Humane Society believe animals in our community deserve better.

For more than a decade Animal Humane Society has sterilized all cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets prior to adoption. Now, through this partnership with Kindest Cut, it is expected that an additional 10,000 spay/neuter surgeries will be provided in our local communities through the mobile surgical unit.

 Kindest Cut is a proud member of the Minnesota Partnership for Animal Welfare (MNPaw)

"Our experience with Dr. Kruck and her staff is that they are proficient, professional, compassionate and committed to the animals and the people they serve. Dr. Kruck has gone above and beyond for us and she has a passion for helping animals and for providing the highest quality spay/neuter veterinary care." ~ Frieda Wilson, Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project