Kindest Cut. High quality, low cost spay/neuter services for the pets of people in need.

Spay/neuter services and fees

Below is a list of the services that Kindest Cut provides. Please note that hernia repairs, vaccinations and microchips are only provided for patients scheduled for surgery, on the day of their procedure.

**Prices as of July 1st, 2014**

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Neuter (male) $45
Spay (female) $55 ** We are pleased to offer Flank Spays to our feral feline patients when possible, also for $55**


Adult Neuter under 70 lbs $65
Adult Neuter 70 - 100 lbs $75
Adult Neuter over 100 lbs. $85
Spay under 50 lbs. (female) $65
Spay 50-79 lbs. $75
Spay 80-100 lbs. $95
Spay over 100 lbs. $105


Neuter (male) $50
Spay (female) $65

Additional charges that may apply (for any species)

Hernia repair $10
Cryptorchid (undescended testicles)
Subcutaneous (visible under the skin) $10
Abdominal (one or both testicles are inside the abdominal cavity) $20
Obese or pregnant** $10
Flea treatment*** $10-12

**This charge applies to pets that are significantly overweight or in their third trimester of pregnancy.
***Any patient found to have live fleas on them will be treated to prevent contamination of our facility and other patients.

Additional services available on the day of surgery

Rabies vaccine $12
Canine distemper combo vaccine (DHPP) $12
Feline distemper combo vaccine (PLRC) $12
Microchip $30
Deciduous Tooth Removal $5-10 per tooth

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