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Why spay/neuter?

There are many reasons to spay or neuter your pet, and there are also many false ideas that lead people to believe it’s not necessary. But it is actually one of the best things you can do for him or her and, in addition, you save the lives of countless other animals.

How is spay/neuter good for my pet?

How does spay/neuter save lives?

How is spay/neuter good for my pet?

It improves its health and wellness. Spayed or neutered pets are less prone to diseases including breast cancer in females and testicular cancer or prostate enlargement in males. In addition to that benefit, spay/neuter will not make your pet overweight or lazy.

It improves your pet’s mood. Pets become stressed when in heat, which can be several months out of the year. Being spayed or neutered relieves that stress and leaves you with a more content pet.

It won’t make your male pet any less of “a man.” Animals don’t have a concept of sexual identity. Neutering your pet does not take away its natural tendencies that come more from instinct, genetics and environment rather than hormones.

It diminishes bad behavior. When your pet is spayed or neutered it is less likely to “mark its territory” in an effort to attract the opposite sex. It is also less likely to roam and run the risk of altercations with other animals or being hit by a car as it no longer has the need to go out and find a mate.

It allows your pet to be a pet. Instead of being a breeding machine or an example for kids about the miracle of birth, your pet can be a member of your family. Even more, s/he can be a great friend to your kids.

How does spay/neuter save lives?

Dogs, cats and rabbits are very productive breeders. By spaying or neutering your pet, you prevent unwanted litters – and fewer unwanted litters means less homeless animals in need.

How many animals could be left homeless if you didn’t spay/neuter your pet? Consider these facts:

Because our pets can reproduce often starting at a young age this one simple and now affordable surgery is necessary to save countless animal lives.

"I love working with Kindest Cut! Dr. Meghann and the staff are fabulous. They are always helpful and friendly and go out of their way to make the scheduling process easy. The surgeries are always done well and if there are any questions Dr. Meghann is very responsive and easy to reach." ~Sherri B, Homeward Bound Rescue